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Blake Bortles had a rough practice against Vikings - chenyan94 - 11-08-2018

The Jacksonville Jaguars first joint practice with the Minnesota Vikings went without any major hitches on Wednesday. No one was seriously hurt , there were no fights and both teams seemed to just put their head down and work. One potentially concerning thing however that came out of the practice was that Jaguars starting quarterback Blake Bortles had a rough practice, to put it lightly.One slight correction is that Bortles interception was in red zone drills, but that doesn’t it make it much better. Bortles, by accounts of people at practice on Twitter, had roughly at least five other dropped interceptions in mostly red zone drills. That’s atypical of Bortles, who is generally really good once he gets into the red zone.I wrote prior to the start of practice that it would be a good gauge for where Bortles was at so far this offseason, going against the Vikings defense. He goes against a good Jaguars defense every day, albeit usually the second and scout team, but going against another defense right on the same level but with different parts would be a nice judge of where he is.Sure, he struggled, but by my count this is really the first actual rough day of practice for Bortles this offseason. By all accounts, even by his “haters”, Bortles has picked up where he left off from the playoffs last season. He showed it in the first preseason game, going right down the field on the first drive of the game scoring a touchdown.Does it trigger the little “oh no” in the pit of your stomach, sure, but at this point I don’t think it’s much of anything other than just one of those days he’s going to have every so often. Hopefully.The Fantasy Life: Thursday start and sit STARTQB Jared Goff, RamsGoff has so many weapons at his disposal that I’m not really worried about the Vikings defense, which has only allowed one TD pass per game. The offense has scored over 30 points in each game. He may not get the 350 Plus yards like he did last two weeks, but he is a shoe in for 250. Projection: 262 yards and 2 touchdownsQB Kirk Cousins, Vikings Yes, the Rams Defense is good, but that doesn’t scare me into benching Cousins. Over the last two weeks he has averaged throwing the ball 51 times. I believe he may need that type of volume to keep up with the Rams. With Talib and Peters out Jacksonville Jaguars T-Shirt , I believe his receivers will get open for him. I expect a bitof redemption for Cousins in a game that could very well be a shootout. Projection: 275 yards, with 3 touchdowns and 1 interceptionRB Todd Gurley, RamsLook, you are starting Todd Gurley no matter what. He could be facing the a herd of speed walking zombies and I’m still starting him, but it won’t be an easy matchup. The Vikings are without Griffin, but the defense hasn’t allowed a running back to go over 60 yards this season. He is the offense, so I believe he beats that but it will be a tough. He may not be RB 1 this week but should be in top 3 for sure. Projection: 22 carries 82 yards and a score, with 4 receptions for 45 yards WR Cooper Kupp, RamsKupp has been a consistent red zone threat for Goff scoring 2 touchdowns this season. He hasn’t had a game lower then 12 fantasy points PPR and I believe he will continue with that. The Vikings defense are tough but are susceptible to the slot receivers.Projection: 5 receptions for 69 yards and 1 touchdownWR Robert Woods, RamsWoods broke out last week getting a stat line of 10-104-2. He may not have that stat line this weeks as the Vikings are a bigger mountain to climb.He has been getting 9 targets in each game so far and I think that continues. He costs 5400 dollars in Draft Kings, and I believe he is the worth the price of admission. Projection: 6 receptions for 68 yards and 1 touchdownWR Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, VikingsThe Rams defense will stop the run but I believe the passing defense will be in trouble. Their top two corners, Aquib Talib and Marcus Peters we out, so I believe both of them will have good games. Cousins is going to have to throw the ball to win this game as they may be playing catch up. Start both of them. Projection: Thielen 9 receptions for 86 yardsProjection: Diggs 6 receptions for 74 yards and 1 touchdownTE Kyle Rudolph, VikingsThe Rams have been very generous to the tight endposition allowing 260+ yards so far. I believe this is a product of having strong corners stopping the outside threat, thus forcing the quarterback to throw in the middle. However, with Peters and Talib being both out I don’t think his production will slip that much. He has been averaging around 7 targets in the last two weeks as Cousin’s looks for him.He is a red zone threat, and I believe he finds the end zone this week. Projection: 5 receptions for 52 yards and 1 touchdownRams DefenseEven with the top two corners being out, the defense is still really good. I expect them to give up some points but will make up for it with sacks and some turnovers Projection: 24 points allowed with 4 sack and 2 turnovers K Dan Bailey, VikingsI was wrong about him last week, but blame that on the game script. Vikings were down early and often thus limiting his chances to kick. I believe the Vikings will move the ball and the Rams will bend, not break Jacksonville Jaguars Hats , leaving him with some kicking opportunities. Projection: 2 for 2 for field goals with 3 extra pointsSIT RB Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray, VikingsCooks status is still up in the air as his hamstring is still injured. I expect him not to play as I believe the Vikings will save him for the season, and this is a shorter week. Thus even if he does play I don’t expect a good game; same for Murray too. The RamsDefense is only allowing 96 rushing yards this season and that front seven is really good. Vikes Offensive line got burned by Buffalo!What makes you think they can open running lines against Suh and Donald? I’ll sit both this week but however, in daily, I would take the risk on Murray as he is the bigger back that can push the line and is more prone to getting that goal line carry. Projection: Cook (if he plays) 15 carries for 62, with 4 receptions for 32 yardsProjection: Murray 13 carries for 43 yards, with 5 receptions for 35WR Brandin Cooks, Rams Really? Sit Cooks? Am I crazy? Maybe a little, but hear me out. Minnesota has yet to allow a receiver to go over 64 yards. As Cooks is prone to get a big play but he hasn’t don’t that yet. He has no touchdowns yet. He has been getting catches (7 in the last two games), but I see Xavier Rhodes shutting him down. Now watch, Cooks is going to explode! Projection: 4 receptions for 70 yardsTE Tyler Higbee, RamsHave to be straightforward with you guys, I had to actually look up who was the starting tight end was for the Rams. The Rams do not use the tight end as a receiver. They primarily use the tight end as an extra blocker for Todd Gurley. He only had two targets (4 on the year) last week for 35 yards, and the volume isn’t there to even constitute a start in any format. Simply enough stay away from Higbee as well as Gerald Everett, which is the second string tight end. Projection: 2-21Viking DefenseMe sitting the Vikings defense is simply the product of being scared of the Rams offense. The offense has been averaging over 30 points per game, and that stat scares the Goff out of me. Don’t give me wrong, the Vikings defense is really good, but I don’t think they can hold the Rams offense all night. They are going to give up points! Projection: 27 points with 4 sacks and 2 turnovers K Sam Ficken, Rams The Rams sign Ficken to replace the injured Greg Zurlien and I’m sitting him. He missed his only field goal last week (he did make all of his PATS) and I don’t think there will be many field goal opportunities for him. Projection: 1 for 2 on field goals, with 3 extra points